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How to choose a healthier air conditioner

2022-08-18 By Admin

After the baptism of the epidemic, consumers’ health awareness has reached an unprecedented height, and the attention and demand for healthy home appliances have also increased. According to the survey data of consumers by relevant organizations, 92% of consumers will pay special attention to health functions when purchasing home appliances, among which the awareness of healthy air conditioners is the highest, reaching 74.9%. Driven by this, FreshIn air conditioners have become one of the fastest growing household appliance sub-categories.


The T-pro series of FreshIn air conditioners launched by Radar Industry and Trade not only realizes that one person can operate, install and maintain without the need for secondary hole drilling, but also has a Ventilation System with a large fresh air volume of 60 cubic meters per hour, which can completely replace the air in the house every 36 minutes; TVOC recognition and other sensor recognition functions are integrated into one, which can detect a variety of common harmful gases at home in real time, and the monitoring ring changes color in real time according to the identified pollutant concentration, so that the good air can be seen. At the same time optional UVC sterilization function.

The first-generation air conditioner is a fixed-frequency air conditioner, which solves the cooling and heating needs; the second-generation air conditioner is an inverter air conditioner, which solves the needs of energy saving and comfort; the third-generation FreshIn air conditioner needs to solve the consumer’s smart health needs. Focusing on the different needs of users, the main products of the T-pro series of air conditioners currently include 9k and 12k BTU split units.


It has been unanimously identified by the industry’s top authoritative expert group that the T-pro series of FreshIn air conditioning technology can achieve “large fresh air volume, low noise”, “air quality real-time display control” and other effects. International leading” level. These internationally leading key technologies of FreshIn air conditioners have been fully applied to T-pro series air conditioners.


Radar Industry and Trade has been innovating continuously in the home appliance industry for more than 20 years and has introduced better products to our customers and consumers. If you are interested in our fresh air conditioners, please leave a message and contact us for detailed information, we will 24/7 at your service.