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Best Laundry Helper – Clothes Dryer

2022-07-18 By Admin

In summer, clothes are changed frequently, and the continuous rainy weather makes some families face the dilemma that the clothes will not dry for a long time after washing.


In addition to the weather, people’s yearning for a quality life is also the key to the increase in sales of dryers. Nowadays, consumers’ demand for laundry care has been upgraded from simple cleaning to the integration of laundry and care. As one of the emerging categories, clothes dryers have better performance in clothing drying, sterilization, and mites removal.


According to GfK data, the white goods market has achieved a small overall growth in 2021, among which the clothes dryer category performed well, and the retail sales increased by 123.5% year on year. With the improvement of people’s living standards, there is still room for further release of consumption potential in the dryer market, and the market scale is accelerating.


GfK data analysis pointed out that from the perspective of product functions, the selling point of dryers is changing from basic functions to unique brand selling points, and functions such as quick drying, sterilization drying, and low-temperature clothing are favored by the market.


In this regard, Vestar’s smart clothes dryer uses a more scientific method to bring consumers a cloud-like drying experience in response to traditional natural drying and the care needs of different fabrics. Our heat pump dryer has 5 programs for time appointments, 10 programs for intelligent drying, and a variety of programs for you to choose from; front and back drying, anti-winding and wrinkling, to achieve fluffy and soft just right; detachable filter, clean Convenient, it can filter and collect fine lint in clothes and air to clean and dry clothes; the built-in temperature sensor automatically senses the dryness and wetness of clothes, realizes low-temperature drying, and protects clothes. At the same time, Vestar’s heat pump dryers use high-quality compressors to improve drying efficiency and reduce power consumption.


The clothes dryer market is exciting. Judging from the laws of mature markets, the sales scale of the clothes dryer market can be close to that of the washing machine market, which will be another blue ocean for the washing machine industry. Clothes are difficult to dry in rainy weather, freeing up balcony space to enjoy a leisurely life, and increasing the number of households with pets requires sterilization, mites, and fluff collection, which may be one of the reasons for the increase in sales of dryers. Some data agencies predict that in 2022, the retail sales of the dryer market will increase by 60% year on year, and the market will continue to maintain a positive growth trend until 2025.


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