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Vestar Public Welfare Activities

2022-05-20 By Admin

It’s another year of the cherry season, and now it’s time for the cherries to ripen on a large scale. This time of year is the busiest and happiest day for fruit farmers. However, for some families who are impoverished due to illness, especially some elderly people who lack the labor force, because they are unable to pick and sell in time, they can only watch the cherries fall to the ground in vain even if the fruits are plentiful. rot.
In order to help families in poverty due to illness, Vestar also participated in this public welfare activity. Vestar has been engaged in the home appliance market for more than 15 years and is a company with a certain sense of social responsibility.
Under the leadership of Mr. Li, the whole company went into the mountains to help the elderly pick the goods, which not only helped the elderly to receive the fruit but also gained responsibility and happiness.