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Give the air conditioner a “bath” before “taking a job”

2022-06-17 By Admin

With the arrival of summer, many families have begun to use air conditioners. It is believed that the air conditioners of many families have not been used for nearly a year. There is a lot of dust accumulated inside and outside, especially in the filters. Direct use can easily cause indoor air pollution. The air conditioner filters should be cleaned before use.

Before cleaning the air conditioner filter, first, unplug the air conditioner power plug, and wipe the dust from the air conditioner outlet and casing. Then open the air conditioner panel and take out the filter. Although different types of air conditioners have different buckles, there are no screws, so it is very convenient to remove. When taking out the filter, be careful not to touch the parts in the air conditioner with your fingers. Some parts are sharp and easy to scratch your fingers.

After the filter is removed, it can be washed with clean water, but do not scrub vigorously with a brush, otherwise, it will cause damage and affect the normal use of the air conditioner. Do not expose the cleaned filter to the sun. The filter is generally made of plastic, which is easy to deform after exposure. You can dry the filter or place it in a cool and ventilated place to air dry.

After cleaning, it is more comfortable to use.