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Choose a washing machine 6 big tips

2023-01-30 By Admin
1, Try to buy a drum, do not buy a wave wheel
Wave wheel is easy to make clothes entangled, wear and tear. The same capacity of the drum, water consumption for the wave wheel of 1/3 to 1/2, more water-saving, and less wear and tear on the clothes.
2, Try to choose a large capacity
If you need to wash the family’s sheets and bedding, and winter coats, it is recommended to buy a 10kg and above the washing machine.
3, The greater the wash ratio the better
The higher the value, the cleaner the wash. At present, the washing ratio of the drum washing machine is more than 1.03.
4, The faster the speed of dehydration the better
Speed refers to the highest speed of dehydration, generally, 800-1000 revolutions per minute to meet the daily use, if it reaches 1200-1400 revolutions per minute, the dehydration effect is very good.
5, Try to buy with tube self-cleaning, anti-bacteria function
A washing machine is used for a long time, and the interior will hide dirt, and bacteria, so the washing machine with these two functions.
6, Try to buy a washing and drying set, not buy a washing and drying machine
The washing and drying set of the dryer is a heat pump type drying, good effect, low damage to clothes, and more power saving. There is a line chip collector, you can collect the lint, hair, not sticky hair.
The washer-dryer is condensing type drying, which is easy to damage clothes and relatively power-efficient. The drying capacity is about 3kg smaller than the washing capacity.
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Model Name VS80-CH05/B08
Rated Power Supply V 220~240
Rated Frequency Hz 50 Hz
Rated Drying Capacity KG 8 KG
Rated Power W 650 W
Rated Current A 4.5 A
Motor Power W 120 W
Display Type   LED
Display Color          Red
Drying Type   Condensing
Drying Control    Electrinic
Interior lighting   yes
Plug type   Euro Plug
Power cord length mm 1.5 M
Transparent windows   yes
Reverse tumbling   yes
Buzzer   yes
Venting pipe options   no
Fault Check Display(indicator)   yes
Child  Lock   yes
Safety thermostat heater   yes
Programmes and Performance    
Number Of Program 16
Knob selection Cotton- Iron yes
Cotton- Damp no
Cotton- Standard yes
Cotton- Extra yes
Synthetics-Extra yes
Synthetics-Standard yes
Synthetics-Damp no
Synthetics-Light no
Time(10min-120min) no
Time 45 min no
Time 30 min no
Silk no
Wool no
Leisure no
Mix yes
Easy Iron no
Refresh yes
My Cycle no
Special – Shirts no
Special – Sports yes
Special – Jeans yes
Time – Cool no
Time – Warm no
Button function On/Off yes
Start/Pause yes
Delay 3-6-9-12 h
Anti-crease yes
Intensity no
Signal no
Time no
Child Lock  yes
signal no
Lamp no
Airborne acoustical noise emissions dB 69 dB
Volume Of Inner Tub L 105.0 L
Door opening angle   180
Porthole mm 375 mm
Door Outer Frame Diameter (outer) mm 480 mm
Net Dimensions  (W×D×H) mm 845*595*622
Gross Dimensions  (W×D×H) mm 890*682*672
Net  Weight kg 52
Gross Weight kg 57
Loading Q’ty 20 ft 48
40 ft Normal 102
40 ft High 150