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How to choose a fridge? What parameters do I need to focus on when buying a fridge?

2023-01-04 By Admin

There are different technologies and products for refrigerators and many people do not know what they should choose. How should I choose a fridge for my home? What parameters do you need to pay attention to when buying a fridge? For these questions we analyse through several dimensions.

First, Cooling method

Before buying a refrigerator, the first need to know the refrigerator refrigeration mode.

Currently on the market refrigerators mainly use three kinds of refrigeration: air-cooled, direct cooling and mixed cooling.


Air-cooled is through the refrigerator fan fan, the evaporator refrigeration blow to the refrigerator inside, so as to achieve the effect of cooling, and then with the built-in fan to the refrigerator inside the cold air circulation.

In fact is the refrigerator cold air in a place to generate, and then cold wind along the pipe by the fan “blow” to the refrigerator in all corners, through the cold air circulation way to produce cooling effect.

The advantage of air-cooled technology is that, due to the forced circulation of cold air, the temperature in the refrigerator can be maintained evenly, another advantage is that there will be no frost in the refrigerator, long time use we also do not need to manually defrost.

The disadvantage of air-cooled refrigerators is the high power consumption, in addition to the cold air is always circulating, so also

easy to cause food air dry.

2.Direct cooling

Direct cooling technology refrigerator freezer, freezer design in the evaporator around, the refrigerant in the refrigerator, freezing evaporator, through the evaporation of refrigerant to absorb heat, so as to achieve the effect of cooling refrigeration.

Compared to air-cooled refrigerators, direct-cooled refrigerators have a simpler internal structure, low power consumption, are used in low-end products and are sold at very low prices.

The disadvantage of this technology is that the internal cooling effect is not uniform, and easy to frost, the daily use of the process requires regular manual defrost.

3.Mixed cooling

Mixed cooling is the combination of direct cooling and air cooling, combining the advantages of both technologies to complement each other.

Mixed cold advantage of combining the advantages of both, in let the internal direct cooling effect control more uniform at the same time, reduce the energy consumption of the refrigerator, refrigeration distribution, generally are refrigerated with direct cooling technology, freezing is with air-cooled technology.

But to say the disadvantage, is that the technology is more complex, the cost is higher, most of the manufacturers in the high-end models of products, so in the price than the other two technologies of the refrigerator to a lot higher.


Second, Compressor

When we buy a refrigerator, many people often ask: “what compressor is used in this refrigerator”. This is because as the core components of the refrigerator, the compressor is good or bad directly determines the refrigerator refrigeration effect, energy consumption and other effects.

Compressor in the process of operation through the suction, compression, exhaust, expansion process, so as to produce cold gas for the refrigerator to provide cooling effect, but the whole process is relatively fixed. According to this process refrigerator compressor is divided into fixed frequency and frequency conversion two kinds.

  1. fixed frequency compressor.

Compressor speed is fixed, refrigerator temperature will be set according to the temperature start, custom refrigeration. The compressor will stop frequently in the process.

  1. Inverter compressor.

The speed of the compressor changes with the temperature, can maintain a stable temperature, and during the operation of the compressor to maintain a low-speed operation, its noise, energy consumption are lower than the fixed-frequency compressor.

Compressor of fixed frequency, frequency concept and air conditioning is similar, frequency compressor temperature stability, energy saving. And the use of fixed frequency compressor refrigerator will generally be cheaper.


Three, Circulation system

When buying a refrigerator, many people must have heard the single cycle, double cycle, three cycle, which in the end is the meaning, many people did not understand.

In fact, these refer to the circulation system of the refrigerator.

The circulation system of the refrigerator will affect the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator and whether it will scramble the smell, so it is also quite important point.

Independent circulation system, because they have their own circulation line, each space in the cooling effect is independent, so the temperature, smell will not affect the other space, do not worry about the refrigerator will have the problem of string smell.

In addition, a refrigerator with a multi-circulation system reduces the cooling area and has a better cooling and energy-saving effect.

Currently on the market in the low end of the refrigerator commonly use single cycle and double cycle system, in the price of more people, and three cycle system is used for high-end brands, you can according to their own budget and needs to pick.

In the same price on the more recommended double circulation system refrigerator products.


Fourth, Energy efficiency

At present, home appliances in different countries have their own national energy efficiency label, and divided into different levels.

At present, the European Union classifies the energy efficiency of ice and cooling products into 7 grades from A to G. In addition to energy saving indicators, noise is also a product performance indicator of great concern to the European market. At present, the noise level of ice and cooling products in the European market is 38dB~40dB.

The US Department of Energy has also set annual energy consumption (limits) for refrigerators (freezers, refrigerated freezers and refrigerated cabinets) DOE. And recently the classification of refrigerator products has been refined, adding 1A, 3-BI, 3I, 3I- BI, 3A, 3A-BI4I4I- BI4- BI5- BI51, 5I- BI, 5A, 5A- BI 7-BI9-BI, 10A11A, 13A and other categories.

The Australian government requires that all refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliances manufactured in and exported to Australia meet the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Labelling and Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) 2010 and be labelled as such. At the same time, energy labels should be affixed to refrigerator products, which should give the product’s star rating and energy consumption, with a total of six stars.

According to the requirements of different countries, you can choose products with higher energy efficiency.


Five, Fresh technology

We use the refrigerator is an important role is used to extend the food freshness, so more and more refrigerators launched a variety of preservation technology.

At present the freshness technology mainly has the vacuum preservation, simulation photosynthesis, sterilization preservation three kinds of technology.

  1. Vacuum ice temperature preservation

This is the common in the publicity of “zero degree freshness” and “vacuum freshness”. This technique involves removing the environment from the space. In a sealed, vacuum environment, the oxygen in the air is isolated and the low temperature effect of the refrigerator is used to keep the food fresh.

  1. Simulating photosynthesis

This technology simulates photosynthesis in the interior of the fridge. It creates a “growing” environment for plants. The idea is that the ingredients are still active even when they are in the fridge, thus extending their freshness. This technology is very good for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh.

  1. Sterilisation and preservation

This type of technology is the use of silver ion bacteria removal technology. The use of silver ions to adsorb micro-organisms in the refrigerator, reduce the corrosion of micro-organisms to food, in order to achieve the role of freshness.