V5588D-2 IM Doule Pot Air Fryer


1) High-speed air circulation technology frying
frying delicious food, not greasy,
2)Tastiest food and snacks without oil
3)up to 80% less fat
4)digital display, touch screen
5)cook two dishes in room 1 and room 2 at one time
6)can only use one Room to cook a dish
7)Non-stick coating, easy to clean
8)Capacity: Double 4.5L pan, total 9L
9)Temperature: 50-200℃;Timer:1-60min
Smart finish: both zones finish cooking at the same time
Match cook: both zones have the same temp and timer

Product parameters

General description 

A, D: Rack

B, E: The tray  

C, F: Handle

G: Top cover

H: Control panel

I:  Vent windows

J: Power cord

A: Zone 1   B: Pre-heat     C: French fries    D: Meat  E: drumsticks

F: Time/Temperature    G: Time plus/minus   H:Temperature plus/minus  

I:  DIY      J: Zone 2      K: Start/pause      L: on/off      M: Match cook  

N: Smart  Finish   O: fish  P: Chop  Q: Shrimp  R:hot dog  S: Cake                T: Vegetable   U:Pizza  V: Steak

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