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What is the most energy efficient way to cool an air conditioner at 26 degrees Celsius?

2022-11-17 By Admin

Truth: The higher the temperature setting, the lower the power consumption

  Over the past month, many people have been using their air conditioners as a “life-saving device” due to the high temperatures that have persisted for many days. However, while many people are blowing on their air conditioners, they are also worried about the electricity bills that are “clattering” away. The Internet has been circulating “air conditioning to 26 degrees Celsius is the most energy-saving”, and this power-saving “recipe”, many people have tried.

  In this regard, professional researchers said that the statement that air conditioning set at 26 degrees Celsius is the most energy-efficient is not based on a number of factors that affect the power consumption of air conditioning.

  First of all, power consumption is related to the temperature set by the air conditioner. There have been calculations, if the air conditioning cooling temperature is from 26 degrees Celsius down to 25 degrees Celsius, power consumption will rise 47.89%; if the air conditioning set temperature is from 27 degrees Celsius down to 25 degrees Celsius, then power consumption will skyrocket 134.35%. Therefore, the only way to reduce electricity consumption is to turn up the air conditioning cooling temperature. In other words, the lower the temperature set for the air conditioner, the higher the power consumption.

  Secondly, the power consumption varies between air conditioners of different horsepower and energy efficiency. The higher the horsepower, the faster the cooling, but also the more power it consumes.

  Finally, the power consumption of air conditioners is also related to the outdoor temperature. If the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures is too large, it will also increase power consumption to a certain extent. Usually, when the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures is around 4 degrees Celsius, the air conditioner is more energy efficient.

  We introduce two tips for saving electricity in air conditioning: turn the blades of the air conditioner upwards to blow air, as the cold air is heavy and will sink, so it is easier to spread the coolness into the room than blowing cold air directly to the ground. In addition, you can also use an electric fan in conjunction with the air conditioning, with the help of which the cold air can be spread to all corners of the room. Both of these options will quickly bring the room temperature down to the set temperature and reduce the operation of the air conditioner, thus saving electricity.