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“Unplugged” warming products are hot! UK hot water bag sales surge by over 200%

2022-10-18 By Admin

The British “Mirror” on the 15th, citing data from the UK’s leading department store chain John Lewis department store reported that compared with the same period last year, sales of hot water bags jumped 219%; thick duvet and thermal underwear sales also increased significantly, including duvet and thick quilt sales increased by 39%; sales of thermal curtains increased by 17%.

The British public also sought to reduce their energy bills by purchasing technology products, with sales of smart meters, smart plugs, and other products increasing.
Consumer rights group Consumers UK explains that heating bills in winter account for around half of the average UK household’s energy bills and that saving on heating costs can mean significant savings on energy bills.

The Mirror also describes various energy-saving measures, such as turning down the thermostat by one degree or saving 10% on energy bills and heated drying racks as a good alternative to tumble dryers, which are the biggest consumers of electricity.

The average household energy bill in the UK is expected to rise to £2,500 (R20,100) this coming winter, up from £1,277 (R10,300) in previous winters.