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The EU energy crisis and how consumers should respond

2022-10-14 By Admin

Since this year, the European energy crisis has intensified, in the case of restricted natural gas supply and soaring prices, local residents have seen a high demand for electric heating equipment. Chinese heating equipment such as air conditioners, heating fans, and oil pits are favored because they do not need to be installed, are easy to move, are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and are affordable. China’s heating appliance exports saw a counter-trend growth, first with the explosion of air source heat pump product exports in the first half of the year, which increased by more than 50% over the same period, and into the third quarter, heating appliances saw significant growth in exports to Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries in Europe.

Overall, China’s global exports of heating appliances reached a record US$2.7 billion in 2021, and from January to August 2022, China exported US$1.57 billion of heating appliances to the world, an increase of 18.4% over the same period last year, with exports to Europe up 25.3% and to North America and Latin America up 23.9% and 21.3%. By category, 38.2% of the heating appliances exported were other heaters, 28.2% were heating fans, 13.5% were other convection space heaters, 13% were radiant heaters and 6.4% were liquid-filled (traditional oil heaters).

As a heating appliance, electric blankets have been in development for over a century since their inception in 1912. The current electric blanket products focus on their own heating function but have begun to intelligent, health direction, such as monitoring heart rate, breathing rate, body movement times, and other functions in the electric blanket landing, concern for people’s health and other issues. But electric blankets also have certain safety hazards due to their structural situation.

At the same time the air conditioner as the mainstream heating appliance, commonly used an electric auxiliary heat pump type air conditioner that is based on the heat pump type air conditioner, increases the electric heating element, it will heat pump type air conditioner and electric heating type air conditioner advantages and characteristics of the combination, with a small amount of electric heating to supplement the shortcomings of the heat pump heating when the energy shortage, both can effectively reduce the power consumption with simple electric heating, but also able to achieve than the use of simple heat pump temperature range.

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