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The best dishwasher 2022 of four types

2022-07-08 By Admin

According to the calculation of the penetration rate of dishwashers by relevant statistical websites, the penetration rate of European and American countries has reached 70%, and that of Japan has also reached 30%. Therefore, dishwashers have become one of the must-have appliances in every family.


What types of dishwashers are there?


Dishwashers are divided into four types: freestanding, built-in, countertop, and sink.


Vestar GLseries dishwashers include three main types of freestanding built-in and countertop.


Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean?


Dishwashers are cleaner than hand washing. On the one hand, with high pressure and high water temperature wash, the temperature can reach more than 70 degrees, the washing time is long, the quick wash takes about 30 minutes, and it can also be disinfected. 

Will the dishwasher consume a lot of water and electricity?


As soon as you hear that dishwashers typically take 60 minutes to wash, you may feel like you’re wasting water and electricity. Actually, it won’t.


According to statistics, the average water consumption of traditional washing dishes is about 40 liters, while the average water consumption of dishwashers is about 10 liters, or even lower. So overall, dishwashers don’t waste water, they save water. Dishwashers use circulating water for some jobs and don’t run the faucet all the time like hand washing.


Although the dishwasher uses electricity, the electricity used to wash a dish is only about 0.3 to 2 kWh.So it won’t waste a lot of electricity bills.


What is the drying mode of the dishwasher?


The current mainstream dishwasher drying methods are mainly divided into condensation drying, hot air drying, adsorption drying, and door-opening quick-drying.


Vestar GLseries dishwashers generally use condensation drying. This method is more energy-efficient because the temperature of the water sprayed by the dishwasher on the dishes can reach 70°C~80°C, so the residual temperature of the dishes can evaporate. water. This method is generally implemented in a negative pressure-closed environment, and the advantage is that there will be no secondary air pollution.

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