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Air fryer: from “net celebrity” small appliances to “kitchen standard” breakthrough

2022-06-28 By Admin

As a professional supplier of air fryers, it is generally believed that although the category of air fryers has already existed, the home economy spawned by the epidemic has made it healthy, convenient, easy to operate, and multi-purpose in one pot. More people are familiar with it. The unit price of the above products is low, which is convenient for consumers to make purchasing decisions, so it is very suitable for people who live alone or form a small family but have not yet purchased an oven. “In the beginning, everyone really regarded the air fryer as A pure Internet celebrity product, I think its popularity will drop once its sales have passed, but until now, in the third year of the epidemic, platforms including Amazon, AliExpress, TikTok, etc. have maintained a significant trend in both topicality and sales. Continued growth. This has improved industry perception to a certain extent, and we think air fryers are expected to become as standard in young people’s kitchens as microwave ovens.”
With the continuous increase of per capita income, consumers will have a stronger demand for air fryers, a product that is both healthy and can add happiness. At the same time, the demand for its functions will also be higher and higher. In fact, there are still many pain points in the user experience, such as uneven heating, which causes the taste of the ingredients to become woody, burnt on the outside and raw on the inside, and too little food cooked at one time. Based on the traditional air fryer technology, the current product introduces the three-dimensional hot air circulation technology, so that the food can be evenly heated on the front and back without turning it over.
Compared with the oven, the air fryer is small in size, easy to store, and the way to open the lid is also more convenient, and the user experience is very good; in addition, it heats up quickly and is more fun, which is suitable for parent-child interaction. Compared with ovens, microwaves, etc. Suitable for children to participate.